• Humidity Indicator Cards - HIC
  • Humidity Indicator Cards - HIC
Humidity Indicator Cards - HIC

Humidity Indicator Cards - HIC Cobalt dichloride free

  • Part number: 20-062-0023

Humidity Control HIC

• Cobalt dichloride free

• Used to detect moisture and humidity in such cases where its presence can be detrimental to a product

• HICs provide a low cost method of indicating the moisture conditions inside a MBB bag after vacuum packing

• Recommended with moisture barrier bags and desiccants


  • Conditioning

    Pack: 125

  • Standard

    JEDEC J-STD-033

Technical documentation

  • 20-062-0023_29_30_31and20-063-0011.pdf -

  • 20-062-0023_29_30_31and20-063-0011FR.pdf -

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