• ESD Safe wall mounted flip over system
ESD Safe wall mounted flip over system

ESD Safe wall mounted flip over system

  • Part number: 41-090-6005

• Perfect solution for all kind of papers, instructions, wall signs and notices within an EPA
• Simply place your documents in the pouch and insert seal edges into laminator


  • Conditioning

    Single unit

  • Conforms to

    IEC 61340

  • Surface resistance

    Rs < 10^6 Ohm (metal parts) - Rs < 10^11 Ohm (bags)

  • Surface resistance 

    RS < 10^9 Ohm - Decay time < 2 sec (1000V to 100V)

  • Material

    Polyester / EVA permanent static dissipative

  • Dimensions

    19x19 cm (base)

  • Height

    35.5 cm

  • Density

    95 gr/m2 - Thickness

  • Elongation

    MD 161% / TD 120% roll

Technical documentation

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