• Eurostat conductive magazines - PS
Eurostat conductive magazines - PS

Eurostat conductive magazines - PS

  • Part number: 22-150-0943

Eurostat conductive magazines

The construction parameters are selected to minimize dimension tolerances

while using the magazine. The 4 outside walls are vacuum-formed from

3mm thick plastic sheets. Metal frame reinforcement on each opening.

Inner short walls are covered with a 1,2mm plastic sheet.

Reference plate and adjustable plate are thermoformed from 1,2mm thick

plastic sheet and reinforced with metal tubing.

Adjustment of the magazine to the PCB dimensions:

- Each magazine is equipped with a reference plate and an adjustable plate.

- Insertion of boards between the reference plate grooved at 10 mm pitch on one side and the

adjustable plate grooved at 10mm pitch on the both sides.

- The magazine is adjusted to the PCB dimensions by positioning the adjustable plate. For this

purpose the inner short walls are grooved at 5mm pitch. Each groove is numbered.

- The adjustable plate is asymmetric (2/3 - 1/3) allowing additional adjustment to a 2,5mm pitch.


  • Conforms to

    IEC 61340, RoHS compliant

  • Surface resistance

    < 10^5 Ohm

  • Color


  • Maximum temperature of use


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