• Semi Hygienic Pallet
Semi Hygienic Pallet

Semi Hygienic Pallet

  • Part number: 25-100-0107

European Semi Hygienic ESD Pallet with closed deck

•Dimensions: 1200x800x155mm

•Rims : 7mm

•Smooth top and grooved bottom

•Produced from recycled or blank HDPE, offers excellent mechanical performance and durability

•ESD Permanent

•Fully recyclable


  • Conditioning

    Single unit

  • Surface resistance

    10^4 ≤ RS ≤ 10^8 Ohm

  • Material

    Recycled or virgin HDPE

  • Color


  • Max. dynamic load

    12 50 kg

  • Max. Static Load

    5000 kg

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