• ESD Cabinets
ESD Cabinets

ESD Cabinets

  • Part number: 70-401-0386

ESD Cabinets

Our ESD cabinets are especially designed to keep into ESD-safe environment all SMD products, PBCs, LCDS, and more generally electronic components.

These cabinets are not supplied with any humidity control system.

Powder coating with ESD coating creating a permanent static-safe surface

Frame material: Mild steel

Coating: Dissipative ESD coating

Colour: Grey

Wheels: All cabinets are delivered with 4 castors; one castor comes with a brake

Windows: Glass with ESD coating on both faces

Compliancy: 2014/35/EU Low Voltage Directive


  • Conditioning


  • Dimensions

    88x45x95 cm

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