• ESD Coated Tweezers Knipex
ESD Coated Tweezers Knipex

ESD Coated Tweezers Knipex

  • Part number: 45-060-0012

ESD Tweezers (ESD-coated)

High performance stainless steel tweezers with dissipative ESD-coating for extra safe use on sensitive electronic components.

Surface resistance: < 1 x 10^9 Ω

Application standards: IEC 61340


Stainless steel dissipative ESD-coated high performance pliers from Knipex

• Electrically dissipative coating: Universal tweezers in the ESD version equalize differences in electrical potential between their user and the workpieces in a controlled manner

• ESD-tested, black epoxy resin coating with a surface resistance between 10^4 and 10^9 ohms

• For the electronics and precision engineering industries

• Antimagnetic to avoid electromagnetic damage

• Wide range of designs: straight, angled, gripping surfaces and handles smooth or serrated, with needle points, narrow or blunt tips

• The high quality stainless steel ensures extreme toughness and very good corrosion resistance against a variety of atmospheric environments and many corrosive materials

• Stainless steel

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