• ESD plastic Tweezers Knipex
ESD plastic Tweezers Knipex

ESD plastic Tweezers Knipex

  • Part number: 45-060-0007

ESD Tweezers (plastic)

High performance carbon fibre reinforced plastic tweezers for safe use on sensitive electronic components.

Surface resistance: < 1 x 10^4 Ω

Application standards: IEC 61340


Carbon fibre reinforced plastic high performance tweezers from Knipex

• ESD tweezers are made of 30% carbon fibre reinforced plastic, are electrically and thermally highly conductive and are characterised by high resistance to abrasion and scratching

• ESD versions only: with a surface resistance between 10^2 and 10^4 ohms to compensate in a controlled manner the differences in potential between the operator and the electronic components

• ESD plastic tweezers are temperature-stable up to 130° C, short-term use is possible at up to 190° C

• The carbon fibre reinforced plastic of the ESD variants is extremely flexible, fatigue-resistant, vibration-reducing and water-repellent, with good chemical resistance to most oils, greases, fuels and nonpolar solvents

• ESD plastic tweezers are ideal for maximum surface protection when handling sensitive electronic components, micro-mechanical parts, as well as glass and ceramic components

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