• Polyethylene Waste Bin
Polyethylene Waste Bin

Polyethylene Waste Bin

  • Part number: 23-172-3343b

ESD Polyethylene Waste Bin

Material: Conductive carbon-loaded PE

Colour: Black

Appearance: Pinseal on external side

Surface resistance: <105Ω

Thickness: 1mm

Shelf life: Permanent

Heavy metals: < 100 ppm. RoHS compliant

Height: 70.3cm

Top of the bin: 40.5cm x 40.5cm

Bottom of the bin: 33cm x 33cm

Max using temperature: 60°C

Elasticity: 1200 Mpa

Impact resistance: 11 kj/m²

Tensile strength at break: 33 Mpa


  • Conditioning

    Single unit

  • Surface resistance

    < 10^5 Ohm

  • Material

    Carbon loeaded Conductive Polyethylene

  • Maximum temperature of use


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