• Dissipative grey gloves - Finger PU
Dissipative grey gloves - Finger PU

Dissipative grey gloves - Finger PU

  • Part number: 51-680-0500A

Dissipative grey gloves - Finger PU

Usage category: General purposes

Configuration: Elastic wrists,

Finger tips coated

Fabric: Conductive polyester yarn, carbon suffused

Carbon 5.1%

Polyurethane 10 %

Elastic 10.4%

Polyester 74.5%

Liner: Grey

Shelf life: Functional 1 year

Washable: Yes but ESD function could be affected

Surface resistance: 105 Ω < r < 109 Ω

Coating: Solvent based foamed polyurethane

Packaging: 10 pairs/bag

Compliance: IEC 61340


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