• ESD Tester GZ600 MIF
ESD Tester GZ600 MIF

ESD Tester GZ600 MIF

  • Part number: 61-200-0143

ESD Tester with card reader

• Personal equipment tester with badge reader

• Compact

• LCD digital display

• RFID Identification

• Possibility to program testing parameters for each employee

• Allows communication with the company's network or the dedicated server (SQL database)

• Delivered with a shoe test mat

• 4 testing modes: wrist strap only/foot only/wtrist strap and foot/wrist strap or foot

• Applications: SMT ESD areas, clean-rooms, High-tech R&D rooms, Military ESD areas, Explosive handling areas, aero-space repairs, drug productions, Hospital ESD restricted areas...


  • Conditioning

    Single unit

  • Conforms to

    EN 61340

Technical documentation

  • 61-200-0143_0144_0147_GZ600.pdf -

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