• Hand Sealer eco
Hand Sealer eco

Hand Sealer eco

  • Part number: 70-100-6090

Hand Sealer

Durable plastic body of the material. Simple and thin external appearance. Made of light and strong plastic compared with other hand sealers.

Standard interior part in circuit board and certificated part get rid of all possibilities to bring troubles. Transformer, which is very important part in the middle of sealer functions, is made of the best quality coil and parts by Posteel®.

By the heating element made of special nickel, chrome it promises a long-term use. All wires in the body and P.C.B are coated by insulating varnish, material especially like Epoxy. By certificated safety rules PHT supplies human safety on the working.

Extraordinary plastic body not by aluminum gets rid of the possibility of electric shock through body. High quality teflon cloth and tape equipped on PHT is difference with other goods.

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