• PRS-801B

Prostat Tera-ohm meter Set PRS-801B

  • Part number: 61-100-0503B

Portable tera-ohm meter approved by auditors providing repeatable measurements.

Accurate wide range resistance measurements: 0.1 to 2.10^14 Ohm. Other devices of competitor are blind between 0,1 and 1.10^3ohm!

Measures constant voltage, wide range ohmmeter with data logging, calculating and computer communication capabilities.

This device can take 8000 measurements with a full battery charge!

Can tests bracelets, floors, furniture, chairs and clothes by using electrodes (available separately: PN. 61-100-0504).


  • Conditioning

    Single unit

  • Conforms to

    IEC 61340

Technical documentation

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