• Dissipative pink PU foam
Dissipative pink PU foam

Dissipative pink PU foam

  • Part number: 26-215-0012

Pink PU Foam

Features and Advantages: general shock absorption and general packaging

Material: Dissipative polyurethane (amine free additives)

Color, aspect: Pink, available in flat or egg-shape

Cells: Open cells

Density: 20-24 kg/m3

Usage temperature: N.D.

Tensile strength: N.D.

Elongation at break: N.D.

Resistance to compression: @ 40%: 3.8 kPa

Surface resistance: < 10^11 Ω (IEC 61340-3-2)

Volume resistance: < 10^11 Ω

Decay time: From 1000V to 100V: < 2 seconds

Shelf life: 2 years if kept away from sunlight and humidity

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