PGA-710B - Walking test

Perfect to implement a walking test into the work environnement. 

• A unique electrostatic data analysis device for use with Prostat’s PFK-100 Field meter/Charge Plate Monitor Set.
• Records, plots, analyzes and automatically constructs reports of body voltage generation, electrostatic decay, voltage
retention, ionizer performance and other static measuring functions.
• Creates detailed reports to help determine the risk of equaling or exceeding damaging or hazardous HBM discharge
voltages in static sensitive facilities.
• Analyze Footwear & Flooring Combinations: Records personnel walking voltages in accordance with ANSI/ESD STM
97.2 Body Voltage measurements as required by ANSI/ESD S 20.20 ESD Program Standard
• Other Equipment Applications include voltage generation of chairs, carts and process equipment

Ref : 61-100-0005

Weight : 3.15

Unit packet : UN (per Unit)