Vacuum sealers

• Vacuum sealer using Bernoulli Effect on compressed airline exhaust
• Unique solution for generating vacuum without embedded vacuum pumps: maintenance free and low noise

Advantages of Nozzle type vacuum sealer over chamber type:
• Sizes of packages are not restricted by the size of chamber
• Offers flexibility of full or partial gaseous flush
• Appropriate for cleanroom applications thanks to the absence of pump and moving mechanical parts.

Purpose of vacuum packaging:
• Prevents corrosion, humidity, static electricity
• Removes particles / Sterilization effect / Reduces distribution cost / Easy to store
• Increases the brand image with its visual

Vacuum packaging fields:
• Electrical and IC fields
• Optical instruments (OPTIC-NANO)
• Medical (includes pharmaceuticals)
• Various fields (military, research, distribution…)
• Semiconductors
• Fibres
• Stationery

Options on request:
• Sealing widths up to 1100mm
• Double sealing bars for thick bags
• Mounting stands 

• Clean room compatible?
• Spare parts available on request


  • Number of heating bars : 1

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