• Heel Strap
Heel Strap

ESD Heel Strap

  • Part number: 30-560-0044

ESD Heel Strap

Contact ribbon for insertion in the shoes to ground an operator inside and EPA. To be worn on both feet.

Conductive ribbon:

Surface resistance ≤ 10e5 Ω

Length = 57 cm for 30-560-0044

Length = 87 cm for 30-560-0053 (toe grounder)

Double layer conductive rubber cup:

-Outer surface: Conductive, Black, surface resistance ≤ 10e5 Ω

-Inner surface: Antistatic, Ivory, surface resistance ≤ 10e11 Ω

Point to point resistance: <1x10e9 Ω

Resistor: Each grounder is built in with a 1.5 MΩ resistor

Marking: Each grounder is marked with ‘Eurostat’

Compliant to: IEC 61340-5-1

Technical documentation