• ESD Heelgrounder
ESD Heelgrounder

ESD Red and Blue Heelgrounder

  • Part number: 30-560-0040

ESD Heelgrounder

The 30-560-0040 is designed for men with a Velcro

The 30-560-0041 is designed for women with a black plastic buckle

- Heelgrounders are to be worn on an ESD-floor.

- Recommended to be worn on each foot.

- Heelgrounders are reusable and hand-washable. Be sure to use mild detergents.

- Test on a regular basis the heel grounder by using a footwear test station

Double layer conductive rubber cup:

- Inner surface: Antistatic, Ivory, surface resistance ≤ 10e11

30-560-0040: Length = 40 cm

30-560-0041: Length = 41cm

Point to point resistance: <1x10e9

Colour: Red and blue


  • Conforms to

    IEC 61340-5-1

  • Surface resistance

    RS ≤ 10^5 Ohm

  • Safety resistance

    1 MOhm

Technical documentation