Shoes and wrist strap tester WST100

• Tester designed for checking the conformity of operators wrist strap and/or shoes to the ESD protection standard.
• It is also designed to be permanent wall mounted in a production facility for daily testing of employee’s wrist straps and footwear.

• Easy to operate, red and green LEDs give clear “pass” or “fail” indication
• Individual tests for the wrist strap, the right and left shoe
• Can register up to 60 000 different measurements
• Output for interface with PC or automatic door opening system
• Operates battery that can be supplemented with an AC net adaptor
• Tester and calibration plug are delivered with a certificate of

Ref : 61-200-0100RoHS

Weight : 2.25 Kg

Unit packet : UN (per Unit)

  • Conforms to : RoHS compliant
    IEC 61340-5-1