Our products for the protection of devices sensitive to ESD hazards are qualified and tested according to the IEC International Standards and the defined testing methods:


61340-1 ▪ 61340-2-1/61340-2-3 ▪ 61340-3-2 ▪ 61340-4-1/61340-4-2/61340-4-3/61340-4-5/61340-4-6/ 61340-4-7/61340-4-8/61340-4-9/61340-4-10 ▪ 61340-5-1/61340-5-2/61340-5-3/61340-5-5

We guarantee a full compliance of our products to the Industry norms.

The CEO of Eurostat is also the President of the French Committee (working group TC 101-WG5&13 dedicated to ESD), and permanent voting member for France. Thereby, we are participating to the latest standards updtates and we are able to monitor the normative texts evolution and qualify some new ESD safe solutions, meeting the current requirements. 

In addition, our quality and purchase departments are closely following the latest regulation (REACH, RoHS, CE). As such, we take all the appropriate measures with our suppliers to be sure they correctly fulfill their legal and regulatory obligations.