Eurostat’s aim is to offer some innovative solutions for the protection of devices sensitive to ESD hazards and particle contamination, during production and shipment phases.
To achieve this target, Eurostat made massive investments in extrusion technology, vacuum forming, assembly and machining of plastic materials.
This integrated production enables Eurostat to be a dedicated supplier for handling and packing of industrial products sensitive to micro-nuisances.
Over the year, Eurostat has acquired specific industrial know how resulting in some original patent pending industrial processes. Thanks to 40 years of experience in thermoplastic extrusions, Eurostat have engineered some proprietary compounds, such as E-STAT® or Nano-STAT®, to offer appropriate and competitive solutions for the protection against ESD hazards.
Eurostat are involved in partnerships to propose innovative logistic solutions meeting emerging and future customer needs.
The Eurostat’s developments and properties:
- E-STAT® (FR 14/4101931, EU 13/187356)
- Nano-STAT® (FR 15/4221290)
- Production tools (FR 15/58305), for an unique industrial know-how


Eurostat are the most important European manufacturer in terms of flexible packaging dedicated to the protection of devices sensitive to electrostatic discharges.
Thanks to the synergy with Dou Yee, Eurostat propose a complete range of standard and customized bags, produced in Europe with technical films, covering all the needs: components, electrical devices or printing circuit boards etc.