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A company dedicated to innovation

For nearly 50 years, we have leveraged our knowledge of electrostatic discharge (ESD) phenomena during the production and handling of circuits to provide solutions to emerging and future challenges faced by our clients.

To achieve this, Eurostat relies on its technical, logistical, and sales teams across countries where our strategic clients are present. Together with our support functions, these teams ensure high-value support to our international clients.

"Stay ahead, innovate constantly with passion and energy." 

A strong intercultural dimension

We are constantly seeking talented, dedicated, and dynamic individuals to join our headquarters in Toulouse, our factories in France and Poland, as well as our other locations across Europe: [commercial profiles, plastics industry experts, production engineers and technicians, logisticians...].

At Eurostat, we have a diverse workforce with representatives from 20 nationalities and the ability to communicate in 30 languages. We are attentive to the career aspirations of our employees and regularly offer VIE (International Internship) opportunities to recent graduates seeking international exposure.

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The industry? Here are our professions

Christophe, Extrusion Manager "Don't be afraid to get involved!"


« I joined Eurostat 6 years ago as an extrusion setter. After a year and a half in this position, I was promoted to extrusion team leader. At the same time, I underwent training as part of a Professional Qualification Certificate (CQP) for team leaders within a unit that combined Extrusion, Thermoforming, and Assembly. After 3 years in this role, I became an Extrusion Manager. I have progressed much more and in less time here than in my previous position...» 

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Christophe's Eurostat +

« Rapid skill development facilited by training. »

Thibaut, Logistic manager « Every day is different here!»

« My current position serves as a link between various departments, requiring a high level of versatility. I manage a team of 7 individuals, including the transportation supervisor, warehouse personnel, and logistics agents. ...» 

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Thibaut's Eurostat +

« When skills are present, work is acknowledged, and opportunities are within reach » 

Manuela, Project Design Manager « I chose this job, and I still love it. »


«I joined Eurostat in 2006. I was the first woman to join the R&D design office, thanks to the support of my manager. I started as a simple draftsman in a team of 4 people. However, I quickly gained the trust of my supervisor and began assisting them more and more. I gradually gained autonomy and started managing my own projects...»

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Manuela's Eurostat +

« The real wealth here is the people. »

Our sites

Our Jura site


Our production site in France is located in the Jura region. The area offers an ideal living environment for nature lovers. We are located in the Plastics Valley, in Pont-de-Poitte.

Our Toulouse site

Our headquarters are based in Toulouse, the birthplace of aerospace, surrounded by natural beauty.


Our other European locations.

Eurostat is also present in 15 countries across Europe and Morocco


Equal Gender Equality Score


The principle of equality between women and men has been a constitutional value since the French Constitution of October 27, 1946, which states in its preamble that "the law guarantees women equal rights in all areas as men."

Eurostat is committed to promoting gender equality and reaffirms its commitment to the principle of non-discrimination between women and men. For many years, Eurostat has placed the fight against any form of discrimination at the heart of its Human Resources policy.

In this regard, an action plan for gender equality has been implemented in the past. However, it is necessary to continue and amplify the measures already taken, being aware not only of the legitimacy of this approach but also of the social and economic need to pursue a policy that ensures gender equality, fosters diversity, and promotes parity between women and men.