Eurostat group endorses the European Commission's proposal to mandate a minimum of 30% recycled plastics in packaging across the European Union by 2030. 

We firmly maintain that this European Regulation has the potential to advance the circular economy while simultaneously reducing the global CO2 footprint of our industry. 

It is with pride that we acknowledge surpassing this target already.


Through our commitment to investing in the high-quality supply of recycled

Plastic film, we are pleased to unveil our new line of antistatic Polyethylene (PE) bags, composed of a minimum of 50% recycled material. 

This new product line will progressively replace our current antistatic PE film offerings.

We assure you that our innovative film maintains the same ESD safe and

Mechanical properties as our previous one, but with a significantly higher percentage of recycled content.

Consistent ESD safe and Mechanical Properties:

• Prevents static electricity generation in controlled environments

• Not intended for transportation of printed circuit boards (PCBs) or components

• Heat sealable

• Continues to provide a cost-effective bag solution

• Short lead time

• Available in two thicknesses: 50 or 90 microns, with or without zip

• A wide selection of standard dimensions to choose from

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