• E-stat®
  • E-stat®
  • E-stat®


E-stat® -  ESD dissipative PS only available in Eurostat

• No particular emission (sloughing) thanks to the absence of carbon powder

• Clean fillers: no heavy metal contents (<100 ppm) 

• Perfect material for packaging of ESD sensitive items

• Clean room compatible material

• Other colours available on request

Video demonstration


  • Conforms to

    EN 61340

  • Surface resistance

    1x10^7≤ RS≤ 1x10^10 Ohm

  • Volume resistance

    1x10^7≤ Rv ≤ 1x10^10 Ohm

  • Thickness

    0,6 mm
    0,8 mm
    1,2 mm
    1,5 mm
    2 mm
    2,2 mm
    3 mm

  • Color


Technical documentation

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